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L200 Schnepfau – Mellau, IS pavement

Facts and Figures
Company Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH
Principal Office of the provincial government of Vorarlberg – road construction department
Location Schnepfau - Austria
Type Road construction
Runtime 05.2016 - 06.2017

Refurbishment of the L200 in two stages.

The L200 Bregenzerwaldstraße runs right through Vorarlberg. The state road connects the Bregenz Forest to the highest ranking road network of Vorarlberg, thus affording neighbouring communities respite from transit traffic. 

As the road surface was last renovated several years ago, new asphalt paving was installed along the L200 in two stages, over a distance of 4.19 kilometres. The first section was renovated in June 2016, the second in July 2017. Thanks to the rapid implementation by Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau, traffic disruptions on this important route were kept to a minimum. After only a very short time, the L200 Bregenzerwaldstraße was once again open for use without any traffic disruptions.