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The environment

Focussing on the environment.

The environment is a very important concern for us, which is why we constantly optimise the technical standards of our products and services. We have set out the following resolutions for our company:

  • Legal regulations
    The observance of legal regulations is a basic prerequisite for our work. We implement these both economically and technically – in the interests of protecting the environment.

  • Resource-conserving construction methods
    Resource-conserving construction methods include the use of ecological construction materials. Using construction elements with a high proportion of recyclable material is both sustainable and sensible. This is why we use insulation materials from renewable resources, for example. Environmental criteria are already taken into account during the design and execution planning stages and are continuously monitored by controlling procedures.
  • Waste management
    The amount of waste materials and pollutants, especially mixed waste, on construction sites is to be minimised. Rubble must always be recycled insofar as this is ecologically, economically, practically and technically possible. Our system for pre-sorting waste components into separate skips, for example, has proved very successful.
  • Emissions
    Emissions of noise, light and air pollutants during construction site operations are to be minimised. We are in contact with residents to clarify the timing of the corresponding procedures.
  • Environmentally friendly transport management
    Depending on the size of the construction site, the transport management system for the entire project is already planned during the construction planning phase. This forms the basis for determining the appropriate measures for the site facilities: from transport routes to optimised construction phase planning. Our partners are integrated into this process from the outset and thus become part of our environmental management.

  • Transport logistics
    The aim of a logistics concept is to develop a transport management system that is time efficient while being as environmentally friendly as possible. In doing so, optimising our construction site organisation and avoiding conflicts with residents are important prerequisites for us.

  • Flow of information and communication
    We view informing residents well in advance of the start of construction as a key priority. We also want to communicate any changes to the workflows on our construction sites as quickly as possible. This enables us to optimise the progress of the construction works for all parties involved.

  • Training
    For environmental management to function effectively, we need the support of our employees. We therefore attach great importance to individual training. This is the only way we can we optimise our environmental management and project management strategies and ensure that our high environmental standards and objectives are achieved.