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Learning and fun at once: Apprenticeship training week 2018

Röthis - Twelve apprentices of the PORR subsidiary Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH were able to deepen their knowledge in structural and civil engineering at the apprentice training week in Röthis at the beginning of February and also apply it in practice.

Die Lehrlingsschulungswoche 2018 in Röthis war für die Lehrlinge eine spannende Erfahrung.

© Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH

The apprenticeship training week 2018 in Röthis was an exciting experience for the trainees. © Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH

In the theory lessons, the trainees dealt with topics such as occupational safety, construction operations, commercial content, measurements and daily reports.

In the practical part they worked with levelling and theodolite instruments for building surveying and built a masonry and a wall formwork including reinforcement and canalisation.

One area of civil engineering, the canal construction, was carried out for the first time as a field test during the apprentice training week. The installed canal and the associated shafts were implemented on a real construction site and will not be removed, but can also be used in the future.

Fun should not be missing

Driving with the excavator and the remote-controlled trench roller was a special highlight for our offspring, to ensure fun for everyone. The trainees were also allowed to design their own " trainee hoody ", a hooded sweater.

Our trainees were looked after by the polishers Stefan Mair, Helmut Ceric and Philipp Fuchs. A big thank you for the organisation goes to all participants, speakers and our apprentice team Juliane Erhard, Patrick Preg, Alexander Wurzer, Helmut Ceric and Stefan Mair.