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Nägele relies on creative apprentices

Röthis, 28.08.2018 – At the end of July, our apprentices have created “Nägele apprentices-hoodies” by their own. The project was a com-plete success and the results are quite impressive. We would like to thank the creative minds and the apprentice team for the successful implementation. Even otherwise Nägele is top in terms of appren-ticeship.

As part of the Apprentice Training Week, our apprentices have demonstrated their creativity by creating their own hoodie designs (f.l.t.r.) - front: Hayatullah Qambari, Mathias Hinteregger, Jonathan McCabe Williams, Patrick Marte, Sebastian Faltejsek, Lea Breuss; back: Ehsanullah Uriakhel, Mehic Armin, Mathias Meusberger, Lukas Breuß, Ceyhun Cimen

© Dietmar Mathis

This year, thanks to our apprentice recruitment programme, which is now carried out all year round, we were once again able to attract the best talents from the region. We are therefore delighted to report that, as of autumn 2018, our team will be enlarged by the addition of two ma-sons, two civil engineers and an office administrator.

Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau currently trains a total of 16 apprentices in the bricklaying, civil engineering and office administration trades. Two of them will take their journeyman ex-ams this autumn.

Experts of the future

At present, around 10 % of our tradespeople are apprentices. This development is highly encouraging and safeguards the future efficiency of Nägele Hoch- und Tiefbau by provid-ing company-trained specialist staff.

We have also found the perfect candi-date for the brand-new “Construction Technical Assistant” apprenticeship programme. She will join our building construction team this autumn.

Thanks to her previous experience as a construction technology draughtsperson, our future Construc-tion Technical Assistant will be able to provide optimal technical support. After that, she will enter the third year of the aforementioned appren-ticeship programme, thanks to the statutory credit period, and take her journeyman exams. By then, she will be adequately prepared for this stage.

The constant stream of requests for trial days doesn’t stop and therefore it’s possible that some interested person or the other will increase our team of apprentices.

Nägele can act quite flexible regard-ing the start of the apprenticeship year. Thanks to the close cooperation between the apprenticeship office, the vocational school and the MAZ, an apprenticeship can also be started during the year.

Activities in the training year

Various activities are planned for the upcoming training year. In addition to the Apprentice Training Week, there will also be an apprentice excursion. We are also taking a keen interest in participating in several apprentice-ship fairs.

Author: Harald Böhler