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Precast reinforced concrete driven piles

Stability through reinforced concrete.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete driven piles with individual lengths of up to 14m are used to transfer high structural loads into the subsoil. If the existing soil conditions require longer pile lengths to transfer the loads, several piles can be connected using joint mechanisms. Depending on the pile load, different cross-sections are used: 24 x 24cm, 30 x 30cm, 40 x 40cm, DN35, DN45.

How you benefit from using precast reinforced concrete piles.

  • Simple control of the load-bearing capacity by means of driving formulas
  • Consistent pile cross-section along the entire length of the pile
  • No constrictions, no need for additional concrete – especially in soft, pulpy soils
  • Different pile cross-sections allow optimum adaptation to the pile loads that are to be transferred
  • Empty driving possible – piles are driven from the existing terrain, no advance excavations needed